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Plasma rich in growth factors

20171222 endoret

We at the Institut de la Màcula have created state-of-the-art autologous eye drops to be applied in the case of moderate or severe ocular dryness. The serum incorporates plasma rich in growth factors and is formulated using the blood of the patient him/herself. One’s own growth factors ensure good tolerance of the product—eliminating the possibility of rejection or allergy to the treatment- and contribute to the cellular migration, proliferation and differentiation of the eye surface. This leads to the natural regeneration of the surface damaged by ocular dryness.

With these new drops, the symptoms of dry eye notably improve. They can also be applied after corneal refractive surgery, eye surgery or for Sjögren syndrome, among others.

Патологии по теме

· Синдром сухого глаза


Доктор Paula Verdaguer, M.D. PhD
Номер лицензии COMB: 40.737
Врач Офтальмолог
Специалист по лечению Роговицы, Рефрактивной Хирургии и Катаракте

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