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Success at the SilVer workshop aimed at people suffering from Stargardt disease

24/07/2019 · Actualités

Since the launch of SilVer, an innovative platform that catalogues and recommends apps and devices that make daily life easier for those whose sight has been lost or is limited, SilVer workshops are offered to carry out an in-person and personlised tutorial. In this occasion, the workshop was aimed at people suffering from Stargardt disease

The Institut de la Màcula and the Barcelona Macula Foundation have held another SilVer workshop, this time aimed at people suffering from Stargardt disease. The workshop was given by Daniela Rubio, founder of DRJ Consulting and a certified Apple Distinguished Educator, offering a face-to-face tutorial on five online applications previously selected by the participants.

The session focused primarily on applications that help reading. Prizmo Go, Taptapsee, Supervision, KNB Reader and Be My Eyes were the apps selected by the participants, forming the basis of the workshop. “Reading is a challenge; you never know when you might need these tools. Moreover, we all have different needs and, during these workshops, people might suggest improvements for future updates of the apps”, explained Daniela.


After the session Juan, one of the people attending the workshop and an entrepreneur, acknowledged that “the SilVer workshop is very important and a great help. I've got to know applications I hadn't even heard of. You learn a lot and you realise you'd never stop asking questions or finding out about new apps”.

Moreover Juan, who came from Valencia for the workshop, noted that “I increasingly try to keep up-to-date about the advantages offered by technology. Dr. Jordi Monés showed me some applications in one of the visits. Close-up vision and definition are my biggest problems. I can't see anything with the central part of my sight: traffic signs, street names, reading WhatsApp messages or anything else to do with reading”.


Jorge, another of participants and a student, was of the same opinion: “I use technology a lot in my everyday life but perhaps not specialised apps. I like this workshop because they introduce us to new tools. He also added that “when I read, I can get very close to my tablet or smartphone… and I manage to see it. But at a distance, nothing. Someone only has to be three or four metres away and I can't recognise their face”.

SilVer is a website that can be consulted free of charge and provides a platform for people with limited or no sight with information on the best mobile apps and devices available on the market that are most appropriate for their everyday needs.


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