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The Institut de la Màcula recommends protecting eyes to enjoy a safe St. John’s Eve

22/06/2018 · Actualités
Boy exploding firecrackers

The summer solstice brings with it the St John’s Eve festivities, a public celebration that harks back to medieval times and whose most characteristic element is fire. Once again this year, the Institut de la Màcula recommends taking precautions when handling pyrotechnic materials in order to enjoy the occasion safely. It should be remembered that the eyes are one of the most delicate parts of the body and need to be properly protected.

The use of protective goggles to avoid suffering any eye damage is highly recommended, both for children and adults. The sparks that result from the lighting of firecrackers can cause significant burns not only to the eyes but also to the surrounding area. It is calculated that every year 25% of emergencies are due to eye accidents and 75% of these are to children.

If a particle enters your eye when a firecracker is lit, you should wash the area with plenty of physiological saline solution or water, without squeezing the eyeball. If you receive an impact of any sort, it is very important to cover the affected area with clean gauze and head straight to the emergency department.

The team at Institut de la Màcula wishes you all the best for the celebrations!

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