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Dr. Paula Verdaguer presents a paper at the ESCRS Congress

16/09/2016 · Actualités
20160912 Paula Verdaguer a Copenhaguen

Unilateral iris-claw intraocular lens implantation for aphakia: a paired-eye study was the title of the paper Dr. Paula Verdaguer presented at the Congress of the European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) in Copenhagen on 10-14 September.

The study compares the response of aphakic eyes without capsular support that underwent iris-claw intraocular lens implantation to that of fellow eyes that can or cannot have been operated using non-complicated cataract surgery with intraocular lens implantation in the capsular bag. The analysis concludes that iris-claw intraocular lens implantation in aphakic patients is a safe, effective procedure. It warns, however, that in all cases regular monitoring of the corneal endothelium is mandatory.

The 37th ESCRS Congress boasted the attendance around 7,500 professionals and a programme divided into five tracks (Simposia, YO (Young Ophthalmologists), Cataract Complications and Special Cases, Cornea and Glaucoma). It also devoted a day and a specific workshop to presbyopia.

Dr. Verdaguer specialises in Cornea, Refractive Surgery and Cataract at the Institut de la Mácula.

Chirurgie réfractive avec implant phaque de chambre postérieure (ICL)Chirurgie du cristallin transparent avec implant intraoculaire : monofocal (monovision), multifocal (double ou triple foyer) ou accommodatifPhacoémulsification avec implant intraoculaire monofocal (monovision), multifocal ou accommodatifCataracte
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