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Phototherapeutic keratectomy (PTK) 02/06/2013


Phototherapeutic keratectomy (PTK) with excimer laser is a surgical technique used to regularise the cornea's surface and eliminate opacity in order to restore transparency to the cornea and allow light and images to pass through to the inside of the eye, as well as attempting to resolve corneal disease.

PTK consists of applying a dilute alcohol solution to the corneal epithelium for a few seconds to harden it and allow it to be dissected. After removing the external layer of the cornea, the excimer laser acts on the zone to be treated, attempting to eliminate the opaque or injured zone and restore visual acuity.

It's carried out under local anaesthesia and in theatre under the necessary sterile conditions. After surgery patients may experience watery or reddened eyes and other discomforts that disappear in a few days.

Related pathologies

· Recurrent corneal erosion

· Corneal opacity


Dr. Paula Verdaguer, M.D. PhD
COMB license number: 40.737
Specialising in cornea, refractive surgery and cataracts

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