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Pharmacological measures 09/09/2013

Tractament mèdic glaucoma

Pharmacological measures generally consist of collyria to reduce intraocular pressure.

These drugs are prescribed to treat eyes with ocular hypertension and with glaucoma and must be applied with the correct frequency. The aim of medical treatment is to reduce the intraocular pressure enough to prevent the optic nerve damage from getting any worse.

Collyria reduce pressure via different mechanisms: some reduce the production of aqueous humour while others increase its outflow.

It's essential to closely follow the treatment prescribed in order to effectively control the illness as glaucoma is usually a chronic complaint that requires continual strict monitoring.

Early diagnosis of the illness is very important to control its progression and it's therefore advisable to visit an ophthalmologist every year as from the age of forty.

The more advanced the glaucoma in its initial presentation, the lower the target pressure range to stop the illness from progressing.

The usual initial treatment for open angle glaucoma is medical while surgery is reserved for cases of medication failure or intolerance.

The effectiveness of the therapy being used must be reappraised on a regular basis.

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