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The Institut de la Màcula presents at ARVO the latest research into geographic atrophy and diabetic macular oedema


Dr Jordi Monés and Dr Anna Sala took part this year at the ARVO Congress, an event that is a global ophthalmological benchmark, to present the latest developments in the research into vision diseases. Dr Monés, the Director of the Institut de la Mácula, moderated a session on atrophic AMD and set out the results achieved in the Proxima A trial following observation of 100 patients with geographic atrophy for a year. This prospective, multicentr…

The Institut de la Màcula keeps 9 clinical trials for researching new AMD treatments


Clinical trials are the only means of access to the new medicines that are as yet unavailable on the market. At present, there are many incurable eye diseases and research into new techniques and drugs is needed to confirm their efficacy and set out on the path to treatment and cure. From the outset, the Institut de la Màcula has undertaken clinical trials that enable us to research new treatments or new ways of using existing ones in order to…

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