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The Institut de la Màcula launches a glaucoma awareness campaign with Farmaoptics and Teknon

06/03/2017 · News

"Don’t lose sight of glaucoma" is the slogan of the awareness campaign that the Institut de la Màcula has launched with Farmaoptics and the Teknon-QuirónSalud Medical Centre. To mark World Glaucoma Day on Sunday 12 March and the World Glaucoma Week (March 12-18), informative leaflets on the disease will be distributed through the outlets of Spain’s largest optical-pharmaceutical chain, Farmaoptics. Glaucoma affects over 60 million people and is the second most common cause of blindness worldwide.

In addition, a video presentation has also been created and this will be shown at Farmaoptics establishments as well as at Teknon.

The campaign stresses that accurate diagnosis and timely detection can halt the progression of glaucoma and therefore save the patient’s sight.

Glaucoma produces progressive damage to the optic nerve, which is caused in the majority of cases by an increase in intraocular pressure. This translates into the loss of peripheral vision although the patient is unaware of this in the disease’s early stages.

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