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Collaboration with the Catalonia Diabetes Association

14/11/2018 · News

The Institut de la Màcula and the entity join in publicising the vision problems linked to this disease and raising awareness in the population

The Institut de la Màcula and the Catalonia Diabetes Association, an entity that connects over half a million diabetics in Catalonia, are working together to publicise the vision-related problems deriving from the disease. Poor monitoring of diabetes can lead to the appearance of other health problems. While there is often knowledge of the complications entailed by neuropathies that affect the kidneys or the lower limbs, among other examples, the diseases related to vision are less known.

In the case of diabetes, specialists recommend regular monitoring of eyesight, with at least one visit to the ophthalmologist annually. Prevention is important as when an individual develops the symptoms, irreversible damage has already occurred in the eye. Proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR) is the pathology that is most often associated with diabetes and the cause of many cases of blindnessProliferative diabetic retinopathy is the principal cause of vision loss in patients with Diabetes Mellitus. If treatment is not received, almost 50% of diabetics with retinitis suffer severe vision loss within five years. Other vision diseases linked are cataracts and glaucoma.

Aware of this situation, the Institut de la Màcula and the Catalonia Diabetes Association are to undertake a variety of actions that help to raise the awareness of diabetics about the risks of not taking care of their eye health. It is important for the diabetic to be well-informed in order to exert comprehensive control on their disease. Vision should be another element to assess, just as important as the others, as a failure to act in time can bring huge consequences,” says Jordi Monés, the ophalmologist specialising in the retina and the Director of the Institut de la Màcula. Throughout the month of November, the centre will conduct free diagnostic tests and instigate talks for patients and relatives.

The Catalonia Diabetes Association is a pioneering entity founded in 1992 whose principal aims are to accompany patients in all their needs, provide education to normalise the disease, support research projects and encourage the use of new technologies that improve the quality of life of sufferers.

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