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retinosi pigmentaria

· 18/11/2020

Phase I/IIa study in subjects with Pigmentary Retinosis


· 18/11/2020Recruiting

KODIAK: A phase II study in patients with the exudative form of AMD

entrev autofluo DMAE atrofica (RGB)

· 18/11/2020Recruiting

REVERS: Study using postbiotics in AMD patients

Identificació mitjançant SD-OCT d’una drusa que comença el procés d’atròfia. A) S’observa una drusa sense irregularitats, però amb hiper-reflectivitat en el RPE superposat. B) El RPE mostra irregularitats i punts hiper-reflectius per sobre. C) Els danys en el RPE són més evidents amb la presència de punts iso-reflectius — el drusen ooze.

· 18/11/2020Recruiting

ISEE2008: Phase III clinical trial in patients with dry AMD


· 14/02/2020

Clinical trial OAKS-DERBY: efficacy and safety of pegcetacoplan in the treatment of geographic atrophy secondary to AMD


· 26/11/2019

TALON clinical trial: Efficacy and safety of brolacizumab in the treatment of exudative AMD


· 13/11/2019Recruiting

Research project MICROBEYEOME

DMAE exsudativa (1)

· 09/04/2019

LUCERNE clinical trial: efficacy and safety of FARICIMAB regarding aflibercept in the treatment of exudative age-related macular degeneration


· 03/03/2019

RHINE – Phase III study in the treatment of diabetic macular oedema

EMD_OCT negre

· 03/10/2018

Clinical trial THR-317-002: Efficacy and safety of THR-317 with ranibizumab in the treatment of diabetic macular oedema


· 03/10/2018

Clinical Trial KESTREL: Efficacy and safety of brolucizumab in comparison with aflibercept in diabetic macular edema


· 10/05/2018

Clinical trial OPH2005: Efficacy and safety of Zimura in the treatment of Stargardt’s disease


· 28/07/2017

Geographic atrophy phenotype identification by cluster analysis

Fig 01 ooze

· 24/04/2017

Drusen Ooze: A Novel Hypothesis in Geographic Atrophy


· 30/08/2016

A Swine Model of Selective Geographic Atrophy of Outer Retinal Layers Mimicking Atrophic AMD: A Phase I Escalating Dose of Subretinal Sodium Iodate

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