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Specialist Ophthalmologists

Retina Specialists

Jordi-MonésDr Jordi Monés MD, PhD

Ophthalmologist specialising in macula and vitreoretinal diseases

Dra FerraroDr Lucia Lee Ferraro

Ophthalmologist specialising in macula and vitreoretinal diseases.

Dr. Juan Francisco Santamaria

Ophthalmologist specializing in diseases of the macula, retina and vitreous.
Cornea Specialists

PaulaVerdaguer_IMIR2014Dr Paula Verdaguer, MD, PhD

Opthalmologist specialising in the cornea, refractive surgery and cataracts
Glaucoma Specialists

dra. freixesDr Silvia Freixes MD

Ophthalmologist specialising in glaucoma
Ocular plastic surgery Specialists

Dr.-NietoDr José Nieto

Ophthalmologist specialising in ocular plastic surgery
Specialist psychologist

FelipeYague (300dpi-RGB-fons blanc)Felipe Yagüe

Psychologist and psychotherapist specialising in low vision and blindness

Research projects and Clinical trials coordination

MIRIAMGARCIA_2019_REDMíriam Garcia

Optometrist, Clinical Trials Coordinator and Head of theatre

MARCBIARNES_2019_REDDr Marc Biarnés

Clinical Trials Coordinator and Clinical Epidemiology

Optometry, nursing, diagnostic tests

Anna-Serrano21_19Anna Serrano

Head of diagnostic tests

Cristina Romero

Optometrista y Coordinadora de ensayos clínicos

Alicia Carrasco

Diagnostic tests and Head of the operating room

Patient care

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