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Specialist Ophthalmologists

Retina Specialists

Jordi-MonésDr Jordi Monés MD, PhD

Ophthalmologist specialising in macula and vitreoretinal diseases

Dra FerraroDr Lucia Lee Ferraro

Ophthalmologist specialising in macula and vitreoretinal diseases.

dr-santamariaDr. Juan Francisco Santamaria

Ophthalmologist specializing in diseases of the macula, retina and vitreous.
Cornea Specialists

PaulaVerdaguer_IMIR2014Dr Paula Verdaguer, MD, PhD

Opthalmologist specialising in the cornea, refractive surgery and cataracts
Glaucoma Specialists

dra. freixesDr Silvia Freixes MD

Ophthalmologist specialising in glaucoma
Ocular plastic surgery Specialists

Dr.-NietoDr José Nieto

Ophthalmologist specialising in ocular plastic surgery
Specialist psychologist

FelipeYague (300dpi-RGB-fons blanc)Felipe Yagüe

Psychologist and psychotherapist specialising in low vision and blindness

Research projects and Clinical trials coordination

MIRIAMGARCIA_2019_REDMíriam Garcia

Optometrist, Clinical Trials Coordinator and Head of theatre

MARCBIARNES_2019_REDDr Marc Biarnés

Clinical Trials Coordinator and Clinical Epidemiology

Optometry, nursing, diagnostic tests

Anna-Serrano21_19Anna Serrano

Head of diagnostic tests

Cristina Romero

Optometrista y Coordinadora de ensayos clínicos

Alicia Carrasco

Diagnostic tests and Head of the operating room

Patient care

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