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Aneu a dalt



· 10/05/2018Reclutant

Assaig clínic OPH2005: Eficacia i seguretat de Zimura en el tractament de la malaltia de Stargardt

Bacteria closeup

· 03/08/2017Reclutant

The Microbiome Project: microbiota associated to Macula Diseases – µMD


· 28/07/2017

Geographic atrophy phenotype identification by cluster analysis

Fig 01 ooze

· 24/04/2017

Drusen Ooze: A Novel Hypothesis in Geographic Atrophy


· 30/08/2016

A Swine Model of Selective Geographic Atrophy of Outer Retinal Layers Mimicking Atrophic AMD: A Phase I Escalating Dose of Subretinal Sodium Iodate

neovascularització coroidal

· 06/04/2016

Feeder vessel laser photocoagulation for idiopathic, subfoveal polypoidal choroidal vasculopaty not responding to eithelial growth factor therapy or photodynamic therapy

Direct Visualization of a New Choroidal Vessel...

· 06/04/2016

Direct Visualization of a New Choroidal Vessel on Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography

Foto Proxima A

· 31/03/2016

Proxima A: Estudi epidemiològic per a pacients amb Atròfia Geogràfica secundària a DMAE (GX29633)

FOTO Proxima B

· 31/03/2016

Proxima B: Estudi epidemiològico per a pacients amb Atròfia Geogràfica secundària a DMAE (GX29639)

· 30/03/2016

Individualized Stabilization Criteria-Driven Ranibizumab versus Laser in Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion: Six-Month Results of BRIGHTER.

· 30/03/2016

Correspondence. Wedge-Shaped Subretinal hyporeflectivity in GA.

· 17/02/2016

Individualized Ranibizumab Regimen Driven by Stabilization Criteria for Central Retinal Vein Occlusion: Twelve-Month Results of the CRYSTAL Study.

· 21/10/2015

Scheduled versus Pro Re Nata Dosing in the VIEW Trials.


· 28/09/2015

Individualized Therapy with Ranibizumab in Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration


· 21/09/2015

HARRIER: Assaig clínic en pacients amb neovascularització coroïdal secundària a DMAE

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