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Optometrists from the IM acquire new strategies to treat children more effectively

04/05/2018 · خبر
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As part of the campaign "Look after your sight and your learning will improve", Anabel Rodriguez and Miriam Garcia, optometrists from the Institut de la Màcula, have attended the course Paediatric Optometry, diagnosis and treatment for children. Organised by the Official College of Opticians and Optometrists of Catalonia, this training aims to provide new strategies to employ in doctors’ surgeries when the patients are children and therefore to be able to select the most appropriate treatment.

Demand for these professionals is increasing in order to provide this part of the population with coverage. This need is based on growing knowledge about the relationship between vision and learning.

Provided by Rosa Maria Parés, optometrist and holder of a Master’s Degree in Intervention in Learning Problems from the University of Vic, the training involved working on examination protocols in children’s eyesight, which vary according to the child development stage, and discussing real cases.

There was also study of the role of the optometrist, together with other professionals, when addressing learning problems. There was discussion too of the importance of eyesight screening in schools with children of 5 years old, as this is the age that they begin to read, and with those of seven years old, when reading becomes learning.

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